What Is Culture To You?

What is culture to you? That’s the question that the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County wants to know.

What do you like to do? What do you like to see? That may not be at a venue with bloated prices. You can take part in our quick mapping tool and let us know where you like to gather on a map. (If you haven’t already) AHCMC Mapping Tool. https://bit.ly/mocomapping

I love African Diasporic culture, and the practices and rituals of religion, it all informs my work, and the work I enjoy interacting with. I would love to see more African dance classes, drumming circles, and maybe even more hip-hop ballet — and of course all things Carribean-related. What do you think?

I am going to the Something In The Water Music Festival in DC for my birthday. I love music, and a festival is a great way to lounge around and hear great songs in the sun. The District is evolving, and I am excited to be near the action — now, I am raising my voice for the festival down the street. Those are just a few of my likes. However, the most important thing is to hear the voices of the underserved creatives. If they are not on this platform, and many are not, I need you to get the link over to them. Better yet, could you send them to me? I want to meet them! From beauty salons, barber shops, and bakeries — to places of worship of all kinds — I am proud of our county and their work to finally advocate for the voiceless.

Photo by Omar Alrawi on Unsplash

Hopefully, we will find spaces for tea-making and politicking, sewing circles and calypso bands, Krump battles, Performance Artists, and everyone in between to feel safe and welcome. I attached my #wip #painting. Fingers crossed I will finish it for my grandad soon. Looking forward to hearing from you. #ahcmc #civicarts #montgomerycounty#artsadvocacy #artspolicy #culture #work #community



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